NEW Breast Cancer Group–Houston, TX

Ehrin Logo 1 (1)Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer? Are you struggling to cope with the impact of breast cancer on your life? The experience of having cancer is stressful. The ability to manage stress can improve overall health and cancer recovery. The many breast cancer support groups that are available can be very helpful, but do not teach specific skills for managing stress. Sometimes support is not enough.

Dr. Weiss has led this group at MD Anderson Cancer Center and is now offering it in her own practice. This group provides not only support, but also skills for dealing with the stress associated with breast cancer. Participants will learn new skills each week for relaxing and managing stress, and have the opportunity to share their experiences with other group members. 


Day/Time: TBD
Dates: 10 weekly sessions
Cost: $75/session


Women who have had a diagnosis of stages 0-3 breast cancer. Limited to 6 parents per group.


Call  713-263-0400 ext. 205 or e-mail with questions or to reserve your place.

Or fill out the contact form below to send an e-mail:


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